Elite Martial Arts Academy Guwahati-Shaolin Kung Fu Training School

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Elite Martial Arts Academy constitutes Martial Arts Training in Combat (Sports / Self Defense) and Health / Fitness.

Disciplines taught in the Institute:

  • Shaolin Kung Fu (Shaolin Fist Forms, Five Animal Forms).
  • Wushu(Sanshou).
  • Ground Fight(Grappling, Locking, Throwing & Breaking).
  • Fitness Training.
  • Self Defense or Street Combat.

About the Institute: EMA focuses primarily on Self Defense and Fitness. Shaolin Kung Fu, Wushu and Ground Fighting Techniques are used to combine a Combat Form for Long and Short range striking , Ground Fighting and to condition oneself physically and mentally for any kind of situation .

Self Defense: Self Defense is not at all related to any Martial Arts Sports or Tournaments. The Techniques used in the Streets to defend oneself or the other person is taught entirely based on Self Defense Training.

Fitness: Fitness training includes cardiovascular exercises and Tai Chi. Practice in Tai Chi (Vital Energy) can be practiced by any age group.Tai Chi has been shown to improve aerobic capacity, increase energy, and build muscle strength.


Dhrubajyoti Das

C/O D N Das

Satribari, K.C Road,Post office lane

Near K.C Das Commerce College


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