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Android phone -Install Hindi Key pad -Google Apps Download

Google Hindi Input allows you to type messages, update on social networks or compose emails in Hindi on your Android phone

How to enable the keyboard and set it as the default input method?

- On Android 4.x and newer versions:
Open Settings -> Language & Input, under “KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS” section, check Google Hindi Input, then click Default and select “Hindi transliteration” in the “Choose input method” dialog.
When typing in an input box, you can also change the default input method by selecting “Choose input method” in the Notification area.

- On Android 2.x:
Open Settings -> Language & keyboard, under “Keyboard settings” section, check Google Hindi input.
When typing in an input box, long press in the box and select “Input method” in the popup menu, then select “Google Hindi Input”.

Google Hindi Apps Download


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