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Zangfai -Traditional Assamese Jewellery Showroom Guwahati

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Opp. Abhishek Motors, Mani Ram Dewan Road, Silpukhuri,Guwahati-3

Zangfai -Traditional Assamese Jewellery Showroom in Guwahati

Zangfai is a traditional assamese jewellery shop. It is owned by assamese jewellery designer, Lakhimi Baruah Bhuyan. It is situated in Guwahati. Zangfai was established in the year 2002.The main priority of Zangfai is to make assamese jewellery popular among people. We try to make people realize that assamese tradition can never be out-dated and hence we should try to take modernity along with tradition. Assamese jewellery of all designs are found here.

    Our Products

  •         Dhansira kharu    # Junbiri
  •         Dugdugi              # Galpata
  •         Dhulbiri              #  Senpata
  •         Jethipata           #  Lokaparo
  •         Gam kharu         # Muthi kharu
  •         Bena Necklace  # Thuria Phool
  •         Keru                 # Thuka Suna
  •         Silikha Moni      #  Motor moni
  •         Japi

Assamese jewelleries are made in three qualities:-

  1.     Silver based and 24-carot gold foil plated   2.   Silver based with plastic stones gold foil plated 3.   Silver based with minakari gold dipped( this is not hand- made or typically made)

The second and third quality can be re-polished according to per need and only the first polishing of these two qualities will be of free cost. The re-polishing of the first quality is free lifelong.