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Download Assam Government Public Holiday List 2017

Assam Government Public Holiday List 2017
অসমৰ বন্ধৰ তালিকা ২০১৭ চন



14th &15th January

Magh Bihu and Tusu Puja

23rd January

Netaji’s Birthday

26th January

Republic Day

31st January


10th February

Bir Chilarai Divas

12th March

Dol Jatra

14th April

Good Friday

15th &16th April

Bohag Bihu

22th April

Tithi of Damodar Dev

1st May

May Day

10th May

Buddha Purnima

10th June

Janmotsav of Sri Sri Madhav Dev

26th June


15th August

Independance Day

23th August

Tithi of Sri  Shrimanta Sankar Dev

2nd September


10th September

Tithi of  Madhab Dev

13 th September


27th, 28th, 29th, 30th September

Durga Puja,Vijoya Dashami & Janmatsav of Shrimanta Shankar Dev

2nd October

Birth Day of Mahatma Gandhia

18th October Kati Bihu

19th October

Kali Puja and Diwali

26th October

Chhat Puja

4th November

Guru Nanak’s Birth Day

24th November

Lachit Divas

 2nd December

Asom Divas (Su-Kha-Pha Divas)

25th December

Christmas Day

The employees will be able to avail at least 2 (two) Restricted Holiday as notified by the Assam Government.